Our family went to a wedding on Saturday.  Robin Williams committed suicide on Monday.  I’m not saying there was a connection, but there are some interesting  contrasts.

The young couple tied the knot on a beach in Puerto Escondido.  It was a beautiful wedding.  It was a solemn yet casual affair.  The young couple are Christians, children of missionaries who are working to bring the Bible to ethnic groups in Oaxaca, Mexico, who have never heard the Word of God in their native language.  We sang Christian songs in Spanish and English.  The grooms father is German, and he prayed for the couple in German.  The bride and her family are from Canada.  It was a great mix of people from different cultures who spoke different languages and lived different cultures, but all had one thing in common-a love for God and the work of Christ on the cross.

The young couple, Timmy Schwab (no relation to me, although, after the wedding there was a special activity for the Schwab family that I tried to horn in on, without success) and Johanna Quezada, beamed with joy through the whole ceremony, Timmy smiling delightfully at his bride to be throughout the whole thing.  After kissing his new wife he picked her up and ran down the sandy isle between the attendees.

So what does this happy occasion have to do with the self inflicted death of Robin Williams?  The news reports of his death said he had suffered from depression and drug addiction for many years, and in his last days the depression had grown severe.

What does the general public think will make them happy?  Wealth, power, fame, adulation, nice houses and cars.  For some you can throw in drugs.  Robin Williams had it all, and was so depressed he killed himself.

Timmy and Johanna barely have two pesos to rub together.  I don’t think they have a house and they may have an old car.  They definitely don’t have fame or power.  So why are they so happy and Robin Williams so depressed?  Because they have the love of Jesus, love of Jesus, down in their hearts.  The have confidence and  certainty that the creator of the universe loves them and brought them together to live a life of enjoying God together as they cooperate with Him in bringing His kingdom and doing His will on earth as it is in heaven.

Robin Williams never had the eyes of his heart opened by the holy Spirit, and lost the battle with the world, the flesh and the Devil.  He seemed to have it all, and had nothing.  Timmy and Johanna appear to have next to nothing with regards to worldly possessions, but they are living large in the riches of God’s grace and mercy and in their love for each other!

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