DSC00200My name is Michael James Schwab.  I  am currently enjoying God in Oaxaca, Mexico, cooperating with God at a home for needy children called Cristo Por Su Mundo (Christ for the World).  This home is operated by Foundation For His Ministry.  I have been here since March of 2005.  I met a super Mexican/Zapoteca lady my first day here (Anita) and we married two years later.  We have two daughters, Sally who is  three years old, and Kelly who is two.  I go by the name of Santiago here in Mexico.


I have been a part of the Christian church, all of my life, in one way or another.  I was born into a Christian family in Colorado, where I went by my first name “Mike”.  Then I  moved  to  California to  go to Bible  college.  There it  seemed every Tom, Dick and Harry were named “Mike”, so I began going by my middle name  James.  I moved to  Mexico almost eight years ago and began going by one Spanish translation of James, which is Santiago.  I  went from the predictable, safe, stable United States, to the somewhat unpredictable, sometimes unsafe and at times unstable, Mexico.  My spiritual journey has included the Baptist, Pentecostal, and Lutheran traditions, as well as independent,  non-denominational and inter-denominationaly  churches and a couple of Bible colleges thrown in for good measure.


My time here at the mission has opened the  eyes of my heart in a new way to the incredible love of  God for me,  His  Church and the  world.  I am convinced like I have never been convinced before that God loves me  and wants me to be happy.  Signs of His gracious love abound, have always been around, but sadly, in the past,  I missed most of them.  I  still have a long way to  go, but the journey is a thing of wonder.


Thank you for coming  ToEnjoyGod.com and having a look around.  I hope you like what you see and that this site helps you to enjoy God.


May peace and happiness follow you all the days of your life,