I have been teaching gardening classes to various groups of elementary students from Oasis elementary school here at the home for needy children in Oaxaca,Mexico, for the last year.  As I have been teaching and developing my curriculum, one number keeps popping up over and over.  The number three.  I try to relate gardening and plant needs to our everyday life and our needs as humans.  Below is a list of the “threes”  that I have been teaching.

Three things we want from a garden-
Order, beauty, abundance

Three things God wants from our lives-
Order, beauty, abundance


Three things healthy plants need-
Sunshine, water, rich soil

Three things people need for healthy souls-
Light of God’s love (Sonshine), community (Church), Word of God (Bible)


Three things an effective gardener needs-
Vision, patience, energy

Three things effective people need-
Vision, patience, energy


Three things plants need from rich soil-
Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium

Three things people need from the rich Word of God-
Encouragement, guidance, correction


Three things plants need for photosynthesis-
Sunlight, water, carbon dioxide

Three things people need to turn the love of God into growth-
Trust, compassion, action


Three things water does to make happy plants-
Enables transference of nutrients from the soil to the rest of the plant
Facilitates root growth, protects against drought

Three things the Holy Spirit does to make happy people-
Comforts the afflicted, afflicts the comfortable, protects against the Evil One


Three purposes of roots-
Provide stability for the plant, convert nutrients in the soil into useable food for the plant, holds the plant in place during storms

Three purposes of meditating on God’s Word-
Provides stability for the soul, converts everyday situations into occasions to glorify God, helps people stand firm in the midst of adversity

*****          *****          *****          *****

The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the birds for mirth,

One is nearer God’s heart in a garden,

Than anywhere else on earth.–Dorothy Frances Gurney